Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tofurky Feast Dinner a Success!!!

I've heard about this Tofurky thing for a very long time, so i went on youtube to see what it was and how to make it, because I was thinking about trying it sometime. I've seen the videos, and it seemed easy enough to make and prepare.
So!!! Candice and I went out to the grocery store and bought the Tofurky!!!!
We got it home and opened the box (we wanted to see what was in it obv.) to see what was in it. Here's what it included :
1 Tofurky (stuffed in the middle with bread and wild rice)
8 dumplings (stuffed with potatoes, cranberries and apples)
1 container of mushroom gravy.

We were like whaaaaat!!! thats insane! and it was only $29.99!
So today I made it!
I peeled and cut into chunks about 4 or 5 medium sized potatoes, 2 carrots, and i cut up some shitaki mushrooms.  I got a small round pan that can go in the oven, and put my unwrapped Tofurky in the middle, then i placed all the potato, carrot and mushroom chunks all around it.
Then I made the baste it says to make (there are 2 choiced I picked the orange juice, soya sauce and sweetener baste). I actually doubled that recipe because i didnt think it would be enough, so i poured half of it onto the Tofurky and veggies and put the lid on and stuck it into the oven for 1 hr and 15min.
While that was in the oven, I waited until there was 30 minutes left to the timer, and boiled water in a pot and once the water boiled i added the dumplings, for four minutes, took them out of the water and onto a pan where i fried them up and browned them on both sides.  Then i took the same pot I boiled the dumplings in (after emptying the water), and put the gravy in and heated that up.
When the timer went off, I took of the lid to the Tofurky, added the other half of the baste and stuck it back in for another 10 minutes uncovered.
after that I cut the Tofurky into slices and then it was ready! I have to say I was thoroughly impressed with everything! The dumpling were awesome, the gravy (which I was a little worried about, thinking it wouldnt be that great) was delicious, the Tofurky was AMAZING!!! and the veggies in the baste were great! I will use the baste for other recipes as well, it is sooo good.  And I will be purchasing Tofurky again!! Definately.

The above picture is the Tofurky by itself, with no gravy on it. You can see the stuffing on the inside.

above is the Tofurkey, potatos, carrots, and mushrooms, and the dumpling covered in the mushroom gravy

Here is another shot of the Tofurky feast.

Oh I forgot to mention that this meal is 100% Vegan. There was a sticker on it that said it :) So Vegan and Delicious!!! AWESOME!!!

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