Monday, January 4, 2010

a bad day turned into a good one!

Today started out pretty bad, i wake up to hear my parents in a little tiff and its my moms birthday. So i was like k...she doesnt need to be angry on her birthday, and then i made a call about my funding for school, and turns out they stopped the rest of the funding for the people who havent been processed yet. so that was lame! So Candi and I are not going to school this semester, we have to wait until September. Then I call a bakery and find out they dont make the cakes on the same day, you have to call in a day ahead! Well IF YOU WERE OPEN YESTERDAY I WOULD OF CALLED!!! which i did. anyway! so i was feeling pretty down today. 
So then I went for a nice walk/stair run (up and down a big flight of stairs a few times) it was good, i'm sore now, but well worth it.  Then after, Jeff drove me to the store to get a cake, which actually turned out to be a good one with CUPCAKES!!! anyway, then my dad is like oh did you plan on taking mom out for dinner and i'm like no.......he's like Why not?? i'm like because i have no money, and he's like dont get a tone with me....and im like i'm not! ......but we ended up going out to Swiss Chalet, service was terrible, but was good time with the family. Then we went shopping and it was fun, and came back had cake and everyone's happy! so it turned into a good day. Got to see most of my fave ppl all in the same day :D.
I also had no meat today!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D for lunch I had a sandwich on an everything bun, with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, banana peppers, and italian dressing, and some mushroom soup. For dinner i had a vegetable stirfry. :D 
I still have to go grocery shopping when i get paid to get all the good vegetarian stuff. but i'm really enjoying it so far! ok well thats all for now! buh bye!

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