Monday, January 4, 2010

day 2 just beginning

soooo..............i did once again have meat, a few tiny pieces of chicken in a stirfry. I'm really trying, it's going to be good. it's just such a habit. I am breaking that habit, it's bad. Now if only i can think like that about smoking.....well one thing at a time right?

So Amy had us over for dinner, where Andrea was making dinner and forgot to make a seperate vegetable stirfry for us vegetarians, so we had to suck it up and pick around it as best we could. even though i didnt try that hard to pick around them, i did however only end up with about 3 small pieces, which is good. Those rice noodles were awesome, like they usually are. 
Tomorrow, i have to make phone calls and all that for my schooling and stuff, because i'm starting college on the 11th! one week!! :O i'm so excited, nervous, and all those emotions. anyway, tomorrow i'm also going for a jog/ run up and down stairs, at the essar centre, it's going to be intense. can't wait!! 
I also need to make out a grocery list for the vegetarian stuff, and find new awesome recipes, that i will post. I'll find a new recipe and try it out and then post it on here. maybe once or twice a week! 

oh! tomorrow is also my mom's birthday!! she will be 47 :O she's getting up there she's still young and doesnt look a day over 29 :P 
ok by for now

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