Saturday, January 2, 2010

didn't last 24hrs on my fast :(

BUT!!!! i did make it 22hrs. I made it until like 10:00pm. aannnd.....i didnt kind of have meat........i had ONE slice of a pepperoni pizza, just to see if i was missing anything, and you know what, I'm not!!! I ordered a pizza with mushrooms, green peppers, black olives, and tomatoes. it's so good! the pepperoni pizza is soooo salty.  Dominos makes good pizza though.
anyway, so i fail at fasting and being a vegetarian lol. well hey! it's still my first day! i'll get there.
So tonight i was out with family and we went to go see the 2010 olympic torch relay come through our town. it wasn't as spectacular as one would think. Well the torch running by was pretty cool, but the rest of the festivities kinda sucked. lol. i did however get some good pics, that i'll try to post maybe. if i'm not too lazy.
Tomorrow, i'm going visiting some more family with my sister and cousins, so that should be fun. ok well time to go and get some sleep now. bye!!!

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