Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Lifestyle Choice!!

Hi there!

okay! so yesterday, My sister and I watched the movie "Food Inc". We were deeply affected by it.
We have decided to go VEGETARIAN!!!!!
My sister has been a partial vegetarian for a while, so we are not taking the steps to become a vegetarian. Don't get it confused with Vegan though, eventually i'm sure we will go the vegan route but, vegetarian is a good way to start.
I've been looking at PETA and stuff, reading the blog, and that just keeps confirming my choice. The way animals are treated for our meat supply is just so disgusting, and not to mention aren't filtered out the animals that probably should be. Eating no meat will make me healthier too.
So as of 12:00am Midnight this morning, My sister Candice and I are fasting for 24 hrs. so thats another 12 hrs to go, it's 12:30pm right now. We are doing this to drain out any kind of stuff, and to start with an empty pallet :D. I'm really excited for this, and right now can't even think about eating meat again.
Every New Years Day, my mom makes roast beef for dinner, and yesterday morning i was pretty excited for it. later on in the afternoon i watched "Food Inc", and was so disturbed by the animal cruelty, then I went on PETA and watched the video "Meet Your Meat" (or something like that) and that one i almost cried. So as we all sat down to eat, I took a little tiny chunk of the roast beef on my plate, and I just couldn't eat it. I gave it to my dad. and just had mashed potatoes, carrots and salad.
Now I've been looking up vegetarian recipes, and where to get vegetarian food and stuff. so I'm well on my way, and super excited to start this new Lifestyle :D

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